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Updated 13 August 2015

New May stuff to make one think:  "How Old is Our Planet?"  **  "What is the Origin of Life " ** "When God Became Man"  ** "54%: NO Big Bang"  Video Series: "That's A Fact"

# = College level reading

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     Hello in Camp!!!

Web Master's Note:  OK.  Just about all the "bugs" have been worked-out & I'm posting Events again.  So far, things are running much smoother.  The Events Page showing 2015 Events Page is now up-to-date.  I still have a few more Events to list but that willl be off the "to-do" list i9n the next day or 2.   If y'all wish to send Events for me to list, please do so & thanks much for y'all's time & efforts.
  "Smoke Talker"

REMINDER:  Check back often!!  The "Rondy Events 2015/16" Page is now being updated often.  I'm now also taking & placing Event Listings through early 2016.  Send your 2015 & 16 Event info to: for posting on this Web Site.  As of 3 April 2015, I have updated the "Web Site Info" Page with new & important information.

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"The problems we face today are there because the people who work for a living are out-numbered by the people that vote for a living."    A fellow Ham Operator.

WM Thoughts: 
  Event Co-Ordinators, PLEASE!! send me any updates if your Event will be cancelled or if special conditions such as Fire Bans or if participants have to take precautions (example: bring mosquito repellant) at your Event.  Send your  updated Event info to me at or & I'll be more than happy to get your updated info posted right away!  A Final Thot:  The best thing I never did:  Sign-up for Facebook  Web Master

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Web Master's Note:  Though I'm always looking for Events to list, I need in particular Colonial & Civil War Events to add to the periods of American History covered in the 2010 Event Listings.  There's NO CHARGE for listing Events on this Web Site.  Please send your Event info to me at

”What’s the Forecast for…” :
  A good question for good planners.  I’m including links to local TV stations (reasonably) close to the first 4 or 5 Event sites listed on the “Rondy Events 2011" Pages.  I try to get stations that feature a 7-Day forecast if possible along with local Fire info.  These links will change as Events come & go on the calendar.

The War Eagles Society are Buckskinners & Historical Re-Enactor who have proudly served or are presently serving in our Nation’s Armed Forces.  Please check out for more info.  (Reminder: as of 25 July 2007, Veterans not in uniform may now use the Hand Salute to honor our Nation’s Flag.)  "A veteran is someone who at one point in his life, wrote a blank check, made payable to the United States of America for an amount of 'up to and including his life.' That is honor.  Good people sleep peacefully at night, only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf!" --
An un-named War Eagle

Notable Bumper/Window sticker:
I’ll keep my Freedom, Money & Guns.  You can keep the “change.”

”Real hide keeps real warm”

”Smoke Talker”

Duke “Smoke Talker” Paulsen is listed on the National Registry of Living Historians (N.R.L.H.)
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Top Photo: Courtesy "Smoke Talker" archives. Bottom Photo: Walt Leuci

Top: Think "The Wizard of Oz's" Tin Man was bad off???  Bottom:  The 4th Texas Artillery fires a Mountain Howitzer cannon at Slocum Cabin Days 2013.